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Playworker Level 2. (V1.0)



End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the final assessment for an apprentice. An apprentice cannot achieve their apprenticeship without passing the End-Point Assessment. The EPA must take place within 3 months of passing through Gateway.

EPA is an opportunity for an apprentice to showcase what they have learnt during their apprenticeship for a Playworker Level 2. The assessments for this standard include an observation with questioning and a professional discussion underpinned by portfolio of evidence.

The End-Point Assessment for Playworker Level 2 can only be carried out face-to-face unless otherwise agreed with NQual.


Gateway requirements for a Playworker Level 2 apprenticeship includes:

  • Evidence the apprentice has achieved English and maths qualifications in line with the apprenticeship funding rules

  • A completed portfolio of evidence

Assessment Methods

Knowledge Test

Apprentices will be given 60 minutes to complete a multiple-choice knowledge test consisting of 40 questions. This test is completed online and will be invigilated by an NQual representative.

Certain grading criteria must be met for the apprentice to pass the knowledge test component. A minimum of 26 questions needs to be correctly answered for a pass.

Observation with Questions

Apprentices will be observed within their workplace over a one-day period where they will have a total of 180 minutes to demonstrate how they have applied their KSBs in a work environment to achieve genuine and demanding work objectives.

Questions may be asked during the observation during natural breaks.

This will then be followed by a Q&A session where the independent assessor will question the apprentice to clarify any sector/specialist practice from the observation. A minimum of 4 questions will be asked.

Professional Discussion Underpinned by a Portfolio of Evidence

The professional discussion will last 60 minutes and be a structured discussion between the apprentice and the independent assessor, following the practical observation, to establish the apprentice’s understanding and application of the knowledge, skills and behaviours. A minimum of 7 questions will be asked.


Apprentices will achieve an overall grade, Distinction, Pass or Fail for their End-Point Assessment. These results will be communicated within 10 days of the final assessment. Should an apprentice need to re-take either or both assessment methods this will take place within 3 months of initial assessment. If a re-sit / re-take takes place outside of 6 months, the apprentice will be required to be reassessed on all elements.

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EPA Pricing

Remote Delivery NA

Face-to-Face Delivery £575pp

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