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E-Certificates are a free service offered by NQual that are the most efficient method of rewarding a learner upon completion of their qualification.

Acting as a quicker, more secure, and environmentally friendly alternative to physical certificates which are able to be delivered via e-mail, learners and approved centres can view and download an electronic PDF version of any certification published to them by NQual. This includes full certificates, certificates of unit credits, centre approval certificates and other forms of result papers. All e-Certificates are usually sent out 48 hours after results are confirmed.

E-Certificates offer the same validity as physical certificates and comply with Ofqual regulations. Each e-Certificate comes with its own unique validation stamp and displays the same information as a physical certificate.

NQual primarily use e-certificates.


Validate Certificate.

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The Benefits Of e-Certificates

Quick Turnaround Icon

Quicker turnaround of claiming to receiving certificate

Mail Delivery Icon

Delivered through email which makes the certificate trackable and less likely to be lost

Safety Icon

Can be safely stored to devices and sent to future employers easily

Loss and Damage Icon

Prevents loss and damage to a certificate

environment icon

More sustainable and reduces the effects of further climate change and deforestation

  • How much does an e-certificate cost?
    E-certificates are produced at no extra charge and are sent from NQual via email within 48 hours after results are published.
  • How do I access my e-certificate?
    Our e-certificate service is available to all our centres and learners. Primarily e-certificates can be accessed via the email sent by NQual, issuing you with your accreditation. Simply open the PDF file attached where you can view and save the certificate to your device. Secondary you will be able to access your e-certificate(s) via our online portal, which is featured on our website. Use the ‘login’ tab at the top of our site and login to your profile, you’ll be able to see any e-certificates that have been issued to your account. You must have a user account to be able to access our online portal. If there are any issues or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact .
  • What happens if I have trouble accessing my e-certificate or the information on it?
    If you are having issues opening your e-certificate or being unable to view the information embedded, get in touch with the Business Support Team at . We will re-send a new e-certificate to see if this rectifies the issue first. If the issue is not solved, we will conduct a brief video chat with you as it may be a technical setting that is blocking the e-certificate. If problems are still arising, then we will issue you with a physical copy that will be sent out to you free of charge.
  • What happens if I delete my e-Certificate, or it is lost?
    If you accidentally delete your e-Certificate or if it is loss due to unforeseen technical issues, it can be easily replaced. Simply get in touch with the NQual Business Support Team via and we will send you over a replacement. There is no charge for an e-certificate having to be re-sent to a learner or centre.
  • Are e-Certificates secure and how can they be verified?
    E-Certificates are the securest form of sending out results to learners and any other forms of accreditation. Each e-Certificate is issued with a unique verification stamp and a certificate authentication code linked to the learner’s / centre’s name. The authenticity of an e-Certificate can be checked and assured by either: • Visiting the National Qualifications website, navigating to the e-Certificate validation form which can be found on the e-Certificate page. • Calling the National Qualifications office where our admin team can verify the details of the certificate. Our office number can be found on the e-Certificate and our website.
  • I’d prefer to have a paper certificate, how much does that cost and how do I get one?
    It is not a problem if you decide you prefer a physical copy of your certificate, however there will be a charge. Paper certificates are £20 and will be posted out to you via Royal Mail 2nd class, within 48 hours, after your request has been approved. You will receive an email to notify you that your request for a physical copy has been approved. NQual are not responsible for any missing post and all physical replacement copies will be subject to the initial £20 cost.

e-Certificate FAQ

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