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The Coaching Link V3

NQual have introduced a way to ‘Link’ practising Coaches with new Coachees. This new service is solely to support learners during Coaching Professional Qualifications, and to support learners gain experience and skills in coaching others.​

The Role of the Coach

As a Coach you will gain the contact information for a Coachee, where you will reach out and begin your Coaching journey together. You will be required to complete a Coaching Contract and arrange the coaching schedule with your new Coachee. We recommend that all coaching sessions currently take place online. (NQual do not provide Coaching Contracts, this is something you will already use within your current practice.)

When registering as a Coach, you are also agreeing to become a Coachee for someone else. If this is not possible, we will ask you to opt out within the registration form below. Coaches must follow all ethical practices throughout their sessions.

It is the responsibility of the Coach to make contact with the Coachee within two weeks of the initial ‘Link’.

The Role of the Coachee

As a Coachee, you will be volunteering your time to be coached by an individual currently on their coaching journey. The expectations of a Coachee are simple, you must be committed to being coached and engaged in the process. You will agree with the Coach the schedule of your sessions prior to undertaking in your sessions.

We aim to ensure you are linked with someone outside of your employer. Links are completely random and there is no profile matching.

To register as a practising Coach there is a £10 one-off fee. For this you will receive a ‘link’ to a Coachee, who has expressed an interest in being coached. There is no fee to register as a Coachee.

To register, please complete our Registration Form below. When you have submitted your registration, you will receive your linking email within 1 month of your available start month.

Please note, this is not a training programme. This is a link allowing Coaches to practise coaching with a Coachee.

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The Process



Complete The Coaching

Link registration form

located below



NQual will send the

Coach details of the Coachee within 1 month

of available start date



The Coach will carry out

contracting with the Coachee,

this includes agreeing the

schedule of sessions



Both Coach and Coachee

will attend coaching

sessions as agreed



Once sessions are complete

the Coachee will offer

feedback to the Coach

Registration Forms

Before registering, please read our ‘Terms & Conditions’ provided in the resource section above.

Registration below supplies you with one ‘Link’. If you require multiple ‘Links’, please contact

* Telephone numbers are only used by NQual and will not be shared with other Coach/ Coachee.


Register As A Coach 


Register As A Coachee

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I was struggling to find people in my organisation to coach,  the Coaching link has linked me with someone who is at a similar stage of their coaching journey, it also has the advantage of putting me in contact with someone who works in a different sector so gives a different experience of coaching.

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