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Learning & Skills Mentor Level 4. (V1.1)



End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the final assessment for an apprentice. An apprentice cannot achieve their apprenticeship without passing the End-Point Assessment.

EPA is an opportunity for an apprentice to showcase what they have learnt during their apprenticeship for a Learning & Skills Mentor. This assessment includes an observation with questioning and a professional discussion underpinned by a portfolio of evidence.

The End-Point Assessment for Learning & Skills Mentor Level 4 can be carried our remotely or face-to-face.


Gateway requirements for a Learning & Skills Mentor Level 4 apprentice includes:

  • Evidence the apprentice has achieved English and maths qualifications in line with the apprenticeship funding rules

  • A completed portfolio of evidence

Assessment Methods

Observation with Questions

Apprentices will be observed within their workplace over the course of a 2-hour period, with 90 minutes allocated for the observation and 30 minutes for the questioning session.

The independent assessor can increase the time of the observation by up to 10% if necessary.

Apprentices will be observed conducting one live 30-minute mentoring session. In addition, the apprentice will provide the independent assessor with two 30-minute recordings of mentoring sessions that must have been recorded post gateway.

This will then be followed by the questioning session lasting where the independent assessor will question the apprentice in order to clarify information observed during the assessment, and to allow the apprentice to add depth and detail to their evidence against the KSBs.

Professional Discussion Underpinned by a Portfolio of Evidence

The professional discussion will last 60 minutes (+10% if needed) and be a structured discussion between the apprentice and the independent assessor, following the observation component, to establish the apprentice’s understanding and application of the knowledge, skills and behaviours.

The assessor will ask at least 8 questions relating to the criteria highlighted in the methods table in this support pack. Follow-up questions are allowed where clarification is required.


Apprentices will achieve an overall Distinction, Merit, Pass or Fail for their End-Point Assessment. To achieve an overall Pass, the apprentice must achieve at least a Pass in all the assessment methods. To achieve an overall EPA Distinction, the apprentice must achieve a Distinction in all assessment methods. The apprentice will gain a Merit if they achieve a Pass and a Distinction for each component.

These results will be communicated within 10 days of the final assessment. Should the apprentice fail they may attempt a maximum of two retakes or re-sits in a six-month period from the date of the initial EPA.

EPA Resources.

EPA Pricing

Remote Delivery £630pp

Face-to-Face Delivery £700pp

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