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Level 4 Award for Designated Safeguarding Lead

skills for care

This qualification is designed to increase knowledge and awareness of safeguarding. The qualification will explore how to fulfil the role of a Designated Safeguarding Lead and is appropriate for a variety of sectors and workplaces.

This qualification will provide current or new Designated Safeguarding Leads with refreshed or increased knowledge around how to lead safeguarding concerns and take emergency action.

Safeguarding training should be completed every 2 years in order to provide professionals with the knowledge and skills required to carry out their specific duties.

Entry Requirements
  • Minimum Age: 18

There are no further entry requirements for this qualification.

Additional Information
  • GLH: 40

  • TQT: 50

  • Credit Value: 5

Qual Resources.

DHSC Fact Sheet
fact sheet
Textbook (Sample)
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Qualification Fee:


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