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Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4

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End-Point Assessment (EPA) is the final assessment for an apprentice. An apprentice cannot achieve their apprenticeship without passing the End-Point Assessment.

EPA is an opportunity for an apprentice to showcase what they have learnt during their apprenticeship for a Lead Practitioner in Adult Care. This assessment includes an Observation of Practice and a Professional Discussion.

End-Point Assessment for Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4 can be carried out remotely or face-to-face.


Gateway requirements for Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4 apprentices are;

  • Evidence the apprentice has achieved Level 2 maths and English

  • Successful completion of level 4 Diploma in Adult Care

  • Typically, 18 months on programme

Assessment Methods

Observation of Practice

The apprentice will be given 4 weeks to prepare for their observation. The observation method will last 75 minutes, which will be made up of a 60-minute direct observation and a 15-minute post observation questioning.

The Independent End Point Assessor will ask a minimum of 3 questions once the observation has taken place. The post-observation questioning must take place on the same day.

Professional Discussion Underpinned by a Portfolio

Apprentices will take part in a two-way discussion with the independent assessor for 90 minutes, +10% if needed. The Independent End-Point Assessor will ask questions relating to all knowledge, skills and behaviours highlighted within this assessment methods. This list can be found within the Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Level 4 Support Pack.


Results will be communicated within 10 working days of the final assessment.

If an apprentice Fails one or more component, they will be offered the opportunity to re-sit / re-take the component(s). It is then up to the apprentice’s employer how many attempts an apprentice is given.

The timescale for a re-sit typically takes 3 months and a re-take 3 months (dependent on how much re-training is required). All assessment methods must be taken within a 3-month period, otherwise the entire EPA will need to be resat / retaken.

Where any assessment method must be re-sat or re-taken, the apprentice will be awarded a maximum EPA grade of Pass. Re-sits and re-takes are not offered to an apprentice wishing to move from Pass to a higher grade.

EPA Resources.

Revision Guide (Sample)
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EPA Pricing.

Remote Delivery: £720pp
Face-to-Face Delivery: £800pp

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